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Synergy Grill has stamp of approval from Vegetarian Society

At Synergy Grill, our grills have proven to be popular among restaurants and chefs alike, and is a favourite of the vegetarian community as it is the only grill approved by the Vegetarian Society.

The Vegetarian Society is a registered charity which promotes vegetarianism, and aims to influence, inspire and support people who wish to lead a vegetarian lifestyle.

The charity offers free advice and information services to individuals, educates chefs and members of the public to cook tasty vegetarian meals and also runs National Vegetarian Week every year.

The Synergy Grill has a wide range of benefits, including allowing meat, fish and vegetables to be cooked at the same time and allowing no cross-flavouring or contamination between foods due to the fat molecules being atomised.

As well as producing succulent, tasty, chargrilled meats and fish, our grills can produce delicious grilled vegetables with the fat from the food being atomised and the moisture being misted back into the food.

As the fat is atomised and turned to dust, the grills do not require the need for a fat tray and the disposal of fatty waste, meaning cleaning the grill is made quick and simple.

With typical gas grills producing oily, black smoke when in use, the Synergy Grill produces white, fatless smoke which takes the strain off ventilation systems and can prevent the risk of kitchen fires and resulting in cleaner ventilation systems, saving further money and helping the environment.

Due to the focused heat technology, the Synergy Grill can also cook meat and vegetables faster than other commercial grills and at a low energy rate, meaning more food can be cooked at once and gas bills are reduced.

We are absolutely thrilled that the Vegetarian Society has approved the Synergy Grill, and we would like to thank the charity for their continuous support and encouragement in using our grills to cook great tasting vegetables and other vegetarian foods.

To find out more about the Synergy Grill or to book your free live demo give us a call on 01480 811000.

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