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The Team Behind the Technology

Innovator and Chairman, Justin Cadbury developed the ground-breaking technology of the perfect fuel-efficient burner to be used for the new generation of fat atomising gas grills, producing better quality food at lower energy costs than ever before. Developed in partnership with chefs over many years with particular emphasis on global development and sustainability and a focus on robustness and energy efficiency to meet today’s environmental goals.

The award-winning, patented Synergy Grill is a unique revolutionary, British designed and engineered chargrill and griddle, tailored to meet the multi-demands of the hospitality industry. The Company factory based in Cambridgeshire now benefits from significant global recognition, with sales to Australasia, the Middle East, Europe and South Africa. Our diverse customer base covers independent businesses to International chains.

Synergy Grill is often quoted as bringing modern fuel injection technology to the old-fashioned carburettor system. Chargrill technology hasn’t changed in over 20 years, so we brought it into the 21st Century with innovative commercial gas grill technology you won’t find anywhere else in the world. We’ve even brought together the very best of British industry; our steel comes from Cambridgeshire, the cast iron from the West Midlands, the ceramics from across the UK and all our grills are assembled here in Cambridgeshire.

Who makes Synergy so unique?

Justin Cadbury

Chairman & CEO

Andrew Edwards

Finance Director

Leander Cadbury

Director, London & International Business

Sam O’Rourke

Production Director

Craig Byrne

Production Manager

James Dudzinski

National Account Manager

Richard Kennedy

Business Development Manager

Donna Pattrick

Service Manager

Samantha Metrovich

Sales Coordinator

Paul Ramshaw

Head of Operations

Oliwer Milewski

Purchasing and Procurement Manager

“The team are as efficient and effective as the products we offer. 
Every single member of the team is thoroughly passionate and dedicated. We are Synergy Grill”

— Justin Cadbury

Promoting Environmental Responsibility