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The NEW Synergy Griddle

Our latest innovation in cooking technology

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Why Synergy Grills are Like No Other

Superior Food Quality

Self-basted flavour, succulent food and consistent branding
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High Heat

High power, Low consumption, Zero heat loss
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Pays for Itself

On average customers save £1500 per month in energy alone
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Quick to Clean

Just vacuum out the dry dust

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Low Extraction Maintenance

Fat is atomised so no fat tray to clean, no fat waste to dispose of

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Less Strain on Extraction

Cleaner steam 10 x No dirty smoke

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Simple to Operate

One switch and self-igniting

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Safe to Use

Cool air means cool touch surfaces

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The Synergy Range

Synergy Trilogy Range

Synergy CharGo Range

Synergy Griddle

Outdoor Cook Station

Synergy Drop-In Range

Synergy Gas Options

Synergy Electric Options


“For me, having a Synergy eGrill installed here at The Jack Russell was a must. Having worked on this amazing bit of kit in two of my previous pubs. I would absolutely recommend Synergy Grill Technology to other country pubs. Once you use one, you will never want to go back to using a standard chargrill!”

Andy Watts

Seamus O'Donnell

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