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Why Synergy Grills are Like No Other

Superior Food Quality

Incredible flavour, succulent food and sharp branding
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High Heat

Combines high power with low energy consumption
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Pays for Itself

On average customers save over £1000  per year in energy costs
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Quick to Clean

Fat is atomised on ceramic base plates, making cleaning easy
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No Fat Tray

Fat is atomised so no fat tray to clean, no fat waste to dispose of
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Less Strain on Extraction

Reduces the cleaning of flues
and filters

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Simple to Operate

Electronic ignition system with flame detection probe 
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Safe to Use

Cool air routed around the grill to produce cool-touch surfaces
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“The Synergy Grills are an easy bit of kit to love because they are so consistent. When cooking on a Synergy Grill, chefs can feel confident that no matter where they place the food, a consistent heat will be maintained with no cold spots.”

Seamus O’Donnell

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The Restaurant Show

27th – 29th September 2021 at Olympia

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