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Synergy Electric Options

Introducing the Synergy eGrill with SMART control technology

It took 2 years to develop the new electric grill because, quite simply it needed to contain all the key elements that set Synergy Grills apart from the competition.

Our patented eGrill technology provides a superior electric solution to commercial kitchens worldwide, complementing our existing product base with no compromise.

No compromise on the quality of the food

Like our gas grills, the Synergy eGrill also turns the liquid that comes from the food back into a vapour which helps baste the food as it cooks locking in the moisture and giving you more succulent food.

No compromise on using less energy

Synergy eGrills use up to 25% less energy than the leading brands on the market.

No compromise when it comes to speed of clean

Whether you choose gas or electric, with a Synergy Grill, there is no fat tray to empty, you simply vacuum out the carbon dust when you have finished using your grill.

No compromise on saving you money

Due to the cost of electric, the 25% will convert up to £3,000 per year in savings.

No compromise when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint

Like its gas alternative, the eGrill can also significantly reduce your carbon footprint as the grills can produce up to 12 tons less CO2 than a standard electric chargrill.

No compromise on reduced cleaning and cost of extraction

The trial sites reported significantly less cleaning of their extraction and baffle system, and the same feedback was received by our Synergy Grill gas customers. Also, you have the benefit of not requiring expensive interlock systems.

Synergy Range

Synergy ST600

Synergy ST900D

Synergy CGO600

Synergy CGO900

Synergy CGO900DUAL

Synergy Griddle Range

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