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A Synergy Grill for no extra cost!*





Would you like a brand new Synergy Grill at no extra cost?*

You can upgrade to a new, energy saving and environmentally sustainable grill with our Synergy Contract

  • No deposit
  • No installation charge
  • Free removal of your old equipment
  • Small monthly rental from as little as £42 per week


What is Synergy Contract?

Synergy Contract is a new way for food-service operators to access the latest grill technology without any of the large upfront costs associated with buying new equipment. What’s more, if you are an operator that already has a chargrill or charcoal oven, signing up to Synergy Contract, and switching could save you hundreds of pounds from day one! Without any upfront deposit.


Do Synergy make their profit on the installation?

No, in fact, if you are an existing business, we will uninstall your old grill, remove it, replace and install your brand new Synergy Grill with
no additional charges*

How does it work?
No catches! If you are familiar with buying a new mobile phone, you know you can choose to pay as you go or a monthly contract. Well, our Synergy Grills are now available in the same way. You can still purchase your grill outright if you wish, or take out a monthly contract where you pay a fixed amount which includes all the costs of installation, removal of your old grill and hire of the new equipment.*
Sounds expensive, what are the costs
Quite the opposite, in fact, your contract will be cheaper each month than the saving you make in fuel costs against a standard chargrill or charcoal oven.
Can I work out what my costs and savings are likely to be?

Yes, you can, simply go to our online cost calculator, fill in the questions and see the results for yourself. Use our calculator to see the savings you could make.
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We are a new business, would this be a problem?

No, we have set up two price tariffs, one for companies that have been trading for over three years and one tariff for newer companies, in both cases, the fuel savings are better than the cost of your monthly contract. (In some cases saving you hundreds of pounds a year!).

If I want to do it, is there reams of paperwork to complete?

No, It can be done all online.

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Where possible, we try to process applications within 2 working hours, depending on circumstances this may be sooner. Plus, we are all about being green so the process is paperless!

  • Gas is already within the building and within 1 metre away from the position of the gas inlet of the grill
  • Appropriate piping (3/4 inch) required
  • A working electric plug socket is not connected to any extension leads and is also within 1 metre from where the grill will be positioned
  • Site needs to have sufficient extraction as well as a fully working interlock system
  • All the above is the responsibility of the operator to ensure prior to installation
  • A site survey will be included free of charge. Additional charges for installation will apply if;

Access is restricted to positioning the grill. (This can include stairs, narrow corridors etc).
The grill is required to be installed outside working hours.(Additional charges will apply if a request is made to install outside of 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday)



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