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What our Customers Say

“The Synergy Grills are an easy bit of kit to love because they are so consistent. When cooking on a Synergy Grill, chefs can feel confident that no matter where they place the food, a consistent heat will be maintained with no cold spots.”

Seamus O’Donnell

Toms Kitchen
Toms Kitchen

“To be able to work with and support a British manufacturer that holds the same environmental values as us is tremendous. Together, we hope to pave a pathway for other manufacturers and restaurants to realise the importance of using business as an opportunity to collectively take environmental responsibility by opting for regenerative produce and sustainable equipment such as the Synergy Grill.”

Gary Solomons

“I would recommend Synergy Grill on the point of its technology, ease of use and efficiency. It’s absolutely fantastic and I have no qualms in passing on my findings to other chefs and restauranteurs.”

Dan Anderson

Toms Kitchen

“Synergy Grills are the most fuel efficient and robust grills you can get. Offering you the highest amount of heat you will need to cook anything on.”

Tom Aikens

Toms Kitchen
Toms Kitchen

“It’s really quick. You see on everything – from heat to energy to everything else. It ticks all the boxes.”

Cyrus Todiwala OBE

“For me there are three USPs with the Synergy Grill.

As a Chef I’m looking for flavour. I want an authentic chargrill BBQ taste that retains its moisture. As a Manager I’m looking for a grill that’s easy to maintain, easy to clean and gets consistent results for our customers. As an owner I want to reduce my bottom line and a Synergy Grill does that by halving my gas bill.”

Nate Brewster

Toms Kitchen
Toms Kitchen

“It takes me longer to get the hoover up and down the stairs than it does to clean the grill.”

Chef Chris Barrett

“The grill is the heart of our kitchen operations. It’s an integral component of our product and service. This is precisely the reason why we have specified the Synergy Grills for our casual dining restaurants.”

George Stathakopoulos

Toms Kitchen
Toms Kitchen

“People have even asked if we’ve changed our burger recipe because they’re so much juicier.”

Steve Robson

“Synergy came out top. It ticked all the boxes for everything we want which is instant heat, great flavours, easy maintenance and easy service.”

Dez Turland

Toms Kitchen

Promoting Environmental Responsibility