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Why Synergy Grills are Like No Other


Less Gas Consumption

High Heat – Lower Gas Consumption

Synergy Grill has patented award-winning technology designed around its gas burner system.
This works at incredibly hot temperatures yet uses an average of 59% less gas than a standard grill.

Pays for itself

Patented technology will save money on the amount of gas or electric you use. On average, most customers save over £1k per year in fuel and some say they have saved over £3k in overall costs.

Use our Savings Calculator to find out how much you could save…


Less Extraction

Reduced Strain on Ventilation Systems

The HSE paper DW/172- ventilation in catering kitchens states how vapourising grills require 22% to 25% less extraction. (Synergy Grill is the only vapourising grill on the market)

An additional benefit is that Synergy Grills reduce the amount of grease that pass through the ventilation system, so they require less cleaning. In fact, many customers say, they halved the number of duct cleans required after installing a Synergy Grill.

Moister, More Succulent Food

Produces a higher quality of food leading to greater customer satisfaction

Synergy Grills are “kinder” to the food and will not “cinder” the food the way other grills can. Yet they still gently smoke the food giving you an incredible flavour whilst giving clear contrasting bar-marks.

Because the grill atomises fat, natural oils are returned to the food, providing continual self-basting. Through this cooking method, less moisture is lost during the cooking process, giving you more succulent food and boasting 50% less shrinkage than a standard grill.

Quickest grill on the market to clean

Fat is atomised on the ceramic base plates. This makes cleaning take only 5 Minutes. You can leave the unit until it’s cold, then simply vacuum out the dust that’s left.

No Cross-Flavouring between Different Types of Food

Due to fat molecules from grilling food being ‘atomised’ there is no cross-flavouring through smoke contamination therefore fish, meat and vegetables can be cooked at the same time.

No fat means no fat tray to clean

Because all the fat is atomised, there is no need for a 45 minute dirty chemical cleaning process. Compared to Synergy’s revolutionary 3 minute cleaning operation having no fat tray to clean! Money and time saved is therefore substantial. So, no risk from Synergy of causing drain blockages or slippery grease etc. and you are being more environmentally responsible at the same time.

Simple to use

Thermocouples are prone to break in gas equipment making them one of the most replaced parts. Synergy Grill doesn’t have any, instead we use an electronic ignition system with an intelligent flame detection probe. 

Each burner is operated by a simple rocker switch whilst an LED lets you know there is power.

One of the safest units to use 

The Synergy Grill is one of the safest units to operate. Clever air-cooled panels ensure the side panels remain cool to touch when in use.

Synergy Grills offer a constant restrained burn which helps reduce flare-ups. In turn, reducing risk of burns to the operator and chances of naked flames going into your extraction.

Our proprietary electronic ignition probe uses gas shut off technology which detect ions in the flame. If no flame is detected, they will automatically cut off the gas supply.



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