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Synergy Grill offers solution to ‘fatberg’ issue

As the UK’s ‘fatbergs’ continue to make headlines, Synergy Grill provide a solution to the problem of restaurant fat disposal that’s clogging up our sewers.

Unknown to most who travel London’s streets, but lurking beneath our capital are the monstrous fatbergs, congealed masses of residue from cooking fats and discarded items from homes and businesses, which are playing havoc with our country’s sewers.

Last night Channel 4 documentary, Fatberg Autopsy: Secrets of the Sewers delved deep into Britain’s growing sewerage problem, with host, Rick Edwards, revealing the issues causing the supersize clogs and how we can prevent them.

The programme unveiled the 750m fatberg which lies within the sewage system of east London, following the 130 tonne fatberg which was previously discovered in the Victorian sewers of Whitechapel - a piece of this now resides in the Museum of London.

Scientific tests on the fatbergs has revealed that cooking fats and oils were to blame, with nearly 90% of the build-up made from cooking substances from commercial and domestic kitchens - this is where Synergy Grill comes in.

The multi-patented grill has been designed and manufactured to provide a host of benefits to the chefs who use it, including cutting down restaurant waste by half. The unique gas burner built into the grill boasts extra heat generation, meaning fats from food are naturally vaporised, eliminating the need for dirty fat trays - eliminating the worry of fat, oil and grease.

It is estimated that the removal of fatbergs, which can be a lengthy and difficult procedure for the team involved, is costing water utility payers £80m a year and if not tackled could lead to blockages resulting in raw waste flooding out of our pipes and into homes and businesses.

Inventor of the Synergy Grill, Justin Cadbury, said: “Water companies are beginning to realise that the primary source of fats from restaurants can now be eliminated.

“This is a win-win for them and the restaurants, but its needs genuine senior level support to break a somewhat defeatist attitude that there is no cure except fining restaurants. We have the technology at Synergy, the experience and are here to help in any way.”

Based in Cambridgeshire, Synergy Grill’s fat atomising technology creates extra juicy and succulent grilled food while using around half the energy of a conventional grill.

Justin added: “Delivering better food, a cleaner environment and saving money should be a common-sense objective for restaurants.”

Justin and the whole of the Synergy Grill team are appealing to restauranteurs and foodservice operators to invest in their technology to not just tackle the growing problem throughout the UK’s sewage works, but also improve their operation and quality of their menu.

To find out more about the Synergy Grill, please call 01480 811000.

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