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The Telegraph has said that a third of UK’s top 100 restaurants are losing money – we can help!

Recently, The Telegraph ran an article about how a third of UK’s top 100 restaurants are losing money, but we know that the Synergy Grill can counteract this with its impressive money-saving benefits.

The article, which was published earlier this month, states that a third of Britain’s biggest restaurant groups is loss-making, up by 75% in the past year, which was discovered in a recent study.

According to the article, many popular names in the restaurant sector are now losing money due to increased competition in the market, significant rises in property rate taxes, rising food and wage costs, and the Government’s apprenticeship levy.

Several major restaurant chains have also announced store closures in the past few weeks, such as Byron, Jamie’s Italian and Strada.

However, the Synergy Grill can save triple every day on what it costs to rent from the moment the grill is used, and can save high amounts in time and money.

In terms of life time economics the grill can  be expected to recover its original capital outlay several times over an expected lifespan of around eight-years in terms of saving high amounts in labour time, grill cleaning, deep cleaning of air extraction systems, having no thermocouples and reduced gas consumption. 

And all the while, the general consensus amongst the chef community appears to be that the quality of cooking is also improved.

Saving and average of 59% (BSI rated) and as high as 83% in energy costs, the Synergy Grill has been designed, patented and manufactured using innovative technology to ensure that the end user is operating as energy efficiently as possible.

Users find our grills can also halve ventilation maintenance within properties that operate under strict air quality regulations. In addition, up to an hour-a-day cleaning time can be saved, delivering  annual savings in excess of £2,500 when based on the minimum wage.

With the Synergy Grill’s unique features, shrinkage of food products is also halved, meaning more food is served to the customer than with using an ordinary grill.

The Tom Aikens group independently tested Synergy versus a range of industry standard grills and found there to be 55% less food shrinkage off Synergy, resulting in money-saved on raw products.

The Synergy Grill has a range of benefits, including providing moist, succulent foods which retain their natural fats and oils while atomising the fat produced when grilling.

They are also extremely easy and quick to clean, with no fat tray needed or any harsh cleaning products.

The Synergy grills also have a patented burner system, which ensures a high temperature heat is given out but by using less energy than the average grill, saving a high amount on gas bills. Call us for a no-obligation, free demonstration on your site now!

It is essentially a win-win for the client in that their costs go down whilst their food quality goes up.

To read the full article, visit telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/03/05/one-three-top-100-uk-restaurants-loss-making/

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