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Synergy Grill aim to reduce energy output of commercial kitchens by 59%

Chairman and Innovator Justin Cadbury, is great-great grandson of Cadbury’s founder John Cadbury and is proud to be innovating the food industry himself

Synergy Grill have today announced a new brand priority and awareness campaign, which will encourage the reduction of energy output in commercial kitchens so as to demonstrate new ways to save money and be more environmentally responsible in the food industry. The entire Synergy workforce are fully behind the new company plans to demonstrate new ways to save energy to the food industry.

This awareness push will be driven through: social media, talks, catering industry events, trade shows and live cookery demos on the Synergy Grill, which cuts gas usage by an average of 59% compared to standard grills.

This campaign comes at an important time as the casual dining sector looks to make changes to reduce costs, encourage customers through the door and be more environmentally friendly. In the past, energy costs for restaurants have been almost unreasonably high. With recent changes in technology, owners and chefs can take advantage to reduce energy consumption and improve their bottom line.

All Synergy Grill products are invented and made in the UK, they use no fat tray and reduce ventilation strain whilst keeping them cleaner. Developed to create better tasting, healthier foods with low energy usage, Synergy Grill helps save money and the planet. With money saved on energy, Synergy Grill products pay for themselves within a year allowing restaurants to deliver a better food product at a lower cost base…

Using patented burner technology, the clever one-switch Synergy Grill halves energy consumption versus average conventional grills. Synergy Grill already helps many International chains and Michelin star restaurants including TGI, Galvin Hop, Brains Brewery, Italian Villa and Firmdale Group.


 Safeguarding energy and a UK supply chain

Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill, said: “Energy costs are a major burden to restaurants and they are always going up – so delay to upgrading means greater costs into the future to the restaurant. Diners and chefs want the synergy of best quality food taste at lower cost. I am excited to start a mission, encouraging the industry to change their behaviours and energy output.”

The Cadbury family challenged global perceptions about British food and safeguarded the heritage of the iconic Cadbury brand for near 200 years. “With Synergy Grills, we look forward to challenging mainstream attitudes to wasteful energy usage within the food industry for decades to come as well as promoting British technology”.

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