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Synergy joins ceda as a Silver Partner

Synergy Grill will help connect the foodservice industry

with a just-announced, ‘Ceda Silver Partnership’

Synergy Grill have today announced a collaboration with the Catering Equipment Distributors Association (ceda) joining the organisation as a Silver Partner. Ceda is a member-led group that is made up of the most professional, innovative and creative companies in the foodservice industry.

As a Silver Partner, Synergy Grill will be working with ceda and its members to stimulate industry interest in their advanced grills but also, to generate further recognition of the essential value of saving money from energy wastage. This will follow on from Synergy Grill’s announcement in July, that their latest brand priority is to help kitchens reduce energy output.

Synergy mainly deals with tops Chefs who value food quality, but this is permeating through to the fast food sector where diners are becoming more discerning.

Added to this, diners are aware of environmental responsibility. Fatbergs are no longer acceptable. With no fat tray to cleanSynergy is leading the environmental technology changes.

The Synergy Grill is the world’s first and only fat-atomising commercial char grill.  Its key attributes lie within its patented design, that reduces fuel consumption on average by 59% (BSI Tested), eliminates the need for a fat tray, therefore offers substantially reduced cleaning costs and has no fat of which to dispose. At the same time, it delivers an enhanced quality of cooked food in terms of taste, succulence and reduced shrinkage. The internationally award-winning grills are to be found in over 600 commercial kitchens in the UK and are increasingly finding a home overseas.  The launch of the new “outdoor mobile cook station” for outdoor events has been very well received this summer and is an example of Synergy’s continual search to innovate and provide world leading products into the market.

Leander Cadbury showcasing Hari's chicken skewers on the Synergy Grill

 Foodservice for the future

Synergy Grill Chairman, Justin Cadbury said, “We are proud to win this appointment with ceda and will continue to bring the innovation grill technology to our colleagues in the industry for which we are recognised. We believe that the challenges of rising costs for the restaurant owners and more discerning diners combine so we can give the key specifiers the products and technology more suited to the future. Restaurants are increasingly recognising that combining food quality, better cleanliness, lower energy costs is the best way forward.”

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