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Reduced Energy Consumption & Big Savings for Professional Kitchen via Kennett Leasing!


“Kennet Leasing has been working with Synergy Grill for a number of years now, providing affordable and workable finance solutions for their customers. What this means is that Synergy Grill’s customers can have the best equipment for their business, without taking out bank loans or using their cash reserves. Finance decisions are made promptly, allowing speedy delivery of any equipment that can be earning income before the next payment is due. Supplier invoices from Synergy are paid within 24 hours of installation, meaning Synergy can concentrate on their core business – providing catering outlets with the right equipment to help their business grow.


Leasing finance from Kennet gave a multi-site chicken takeaway the opportunity to have a top-of-the-range Synergy Grill for £160 per month, over 3 years. It is possible, however, for Kennet to tailor finance packages to suit individual businesses – and with costs being fixed throughout the term, there are no nasty surprises or price increases to worry about.


The equipment that was installed has the potential to save the chicken takeaway business £180 per month alone on gas consumption; this is in addition to the substantial cleaning time and costs, thereby cutting “down time” when no revenue is being made. I highly recommend this piece of kit to any catering establishment where volume, food quality and consistency is key.


Kennet is proud to work with Synergy Grill; their range of catering equipment offers customers a wide range of solutions to suit their requirements.  


Richard Nelson, Senior Account Manager, Kennet Leasing www.kennet-leasing.co.uk

Customer Profile:

  • A multi-site premium grilled chicken fast food operation.


  • Why did the client need to replace/install their grill?

Client is a multi-site operation and required equipment to save energy, cleaning costs, speed up production, enabling them to serve more customers.

  • Why did they seek assistance from Kennet Leasing?

The client is a long-standing customer of Kennet Leasing, multi-hiring across a range of various heavy weight catering equipment.  The client had a SG900 installed in March 2017.  They were so happy with it that they have just undertaken delivery of a second unit this month.

  • The client chose Kennet Leasing for their  quick turn-around, easy sign-off process using e-signature and were are able to give the same-day service on delivery.

Client’s operational challenges

  • They needed to reduce costs of their energy output
  • The company was struggling with traditional grills that were difficult to clean
  • The company wasn’t in the position to outlay up front multiple £’s being the full cost for a new Synergy Grill

Kennet works proactively with its chosen suppliers to provide solutions  that make money for their clients

  • Synergy Grill provided a free audit on the client’s kitchen to show the company what the possibilities are in terms of the most suitable model for the restaurant.
  • Synergy Grill installed a grill which has up to 59% less energy output than traditional grills. Over the first year of installation, the Synergy Grill should offer significant return on investment due to savings in energy consumption.
  • Spending hours cleaning fat trays is now a thing of the past for the client as the Synergy Grill will atomize fat, turning it into dust – This has makes it quick and easy for the kitchen team to clean.

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