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Synergy pledge to help commercial kitchens with their environmental responsibility

Synergy Grill pledge to help commercial kitchens with their environmental responsibility

Chairman and Innovator Justin Cadbury and his British company, Synergy Grill, are offering to help hospitality brands who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Synergy Grill are proud to be one of the leading British brands who this week pledged to offer expertise to industry peers who want to protect the environment. Synergy Grill made this announcement after The IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released a special report which acted as the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures.

This week brought together global-leading scientists and government officials negotiating after three years of research on the impact of global warming and they came to a stark conclusion that will impact every industry, specifically hospitality and catering.

The entire Synergy workforce are fully behind the new company plans to encourage the food industry to take environmental responsibility and reduce carbon footprint. This will be achieved through: talks, events, social media and third-party promotion.

Environmental protection is in Synergy Grill’s DNA. All Synergy Grill products are invented and made in the UK, they use no fat tray and reduce ventilation strain whilst keeping them cleaner. They are developed to create better tasting, healthier foods with low energy usage, Synergy Grill helps save users their moneyas well asthe planet. With money saved on energy, Synergy Grill products pay for themselves within a year allowing restaurants to deliver a better food product at a lower cost base

In regard to pollution, the smoke from a Synergy Grill is substantially cleaner than an average grill - Synergy saves the ozone, reduces carbon monoxide, releases no hot embers and attaches fat particulates to water molecules. Flues stay twice as clean with a Synergy Grill too because their extractions shafts are not so heavily lined with grease and maintenance such as routine deep cleans and daily primary filter cleaning is halved, further saving the waste and water systems

Doing what has to be done – in 5 ways

Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill, said: “The climate-change topic is the most important conversation we’re having as a country. I’m proud to lead a company that has environmental responsibility at its heart and I will do everything I can to keep upgrading the hospitality industry. If someone is reading this and wants advice, get in touch.”

Restaurants and all commercial kitchens can take responsibility in five areas to ensure they don’t get caught out - in direct financial costs and in the press - as the hospitality industry is called on to deliver good food sustainably. These are: energy, food wastage, waste system, water system and pollution and I’m proud to say that Synergy Grill tackles all of these problems - be it with the fact our grills are effectively self-cleaning and that they eliminate decarbonisers.

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