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Synergy’s Great British Technology Triumphs Overseas

Just 10 months on from partnering with global commercial cooking equipment supplier Garland, Synergy’s pioneering, British technology has formally been recognised by the US market for its unbeatable green credentials as the Garland XHP Broiler scoops the prestigious Blue Flame Award.

Awarded by the Energy Solutions Center (ESC) – a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing new gas solutions to the commercial sector – the Garland XHP Broiler was chosen as the winner of the 2021 Blue Flame Award due to its many green credentials including zero fat disposal and gas savings of up to 59% in comparison to a standard Charbroiler.

This incredible gas saving is made possible thanks to Synergy’s patented gas burner system which is exclusively available to the US market via the Garland brand.

Justin Cadbury, Chairman and CEO of Synergy Grill Technology, is hugely proud to see Synergy’s Great British technology making waves in the US market:

“At Synergy Grill Technology, the objective is simple – to help operators and chefs to deliver a better quality of food at a lower cost, using considerably less energy, in a safer, cleaner manner: a mission that has moved onto a global-scale after we chose to partner with Garland so that US foodservice operators can share the same financial, practical and environmental benefits as Synergy’s UK customers.”

Synergy Grill’s innovative, patented technology atomises any fat produced during grilling process. As the fat atomises, any moisture that comes from the food also turns into steam which gently penetrates back into the food to ensure a perfect texture and taste like no other. This atomisation also completely eradicates the need for a fat tray, and therefore, removes the historically strenuous task of cleaning, along with the environmentally damaging disposal of waste fat.

For more information on the Blue Flame Award-Winning Garland XP Broiler, visit www.garland-group.com

For further information on the Blue Flame Award, visit www.blueflamealliance.com

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