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Synergy Launches Authorised Dealer Programme

Synergy Grill to Launch new Authorised Dealer Programme and revised pricing structure.

Synergy Grill has announced a new Authorised Dealer Programme to provide key dealers with improved tools and rewards for being proactive ambassadors of the brand and for supporting British Manufacturing.

Justin Cadbury, Chairman and CEO of Synergy Grill explained:

“We recognise that selling Synergy Grills is very different to selling a standard chargrill or griddle. Synergy Grill is a premium product that is packed with the latest award-winning technology. As a consequence it has many unique selling points including 59% gas savings, fat atomising technology and significantly improved food quality, all of which give the end user a competitive edge in the marketplace through cleaner, safer and more efficient kitchens.  We have built a network of proactive dealers who recognise the potential that the grill that can deliver and we want to assist them further in communicating the key messages.”

Suppliers can become Authorised Synergy Grill Dealers by invitation only, but as part of the Programme they can expect to receive:

  • Interactive authorised dealer training for all their team
  • Live cook events to give greater product knowledge
  • Quarterly newsletters keeping them up to date of new products, promotions & marketing information.
  • ‘Preferential Status’ for leads direct from Synergy Grill
  • Additional content rich material such as videos, imagery, BIM files, copy files, videos & case studies.
  • A new Authorised Dealer Rebate scheme.

As part of the new Authorised Dealer Programme, Synergy Grill is also revamping its pricing structure, as highlighted by Richard Ebbs, Marketing and Commercial Director:

“In a competitive market, dealers and customers both need precise and instant advantages. As such we are launching a new dealer pricing structure that better reflects best industry practice and which rewards those on the Authorised Dealer Programme. We believe all these new initiatives will help to support our loyal dealers that genuinely work to promote and sell our brand to the end users. We are very excited about the future for Synergy Grill and looking forward to working closer with our Authorised Dealers in 2019.”

The Authorised Dealer programme and new pricing structure will take effect from 1stJanuary 2019.

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