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Synergy Grill Technology launch their new Partnership Initiative

Synergy Grill Technology is making it their mission to help those in the industry that are facing redundancy by launching the new ‘Synergy Grill Partnership Initiative’ – a new scheme that allows those that have been made redundant to start earning in a self-employed capacity.

Designed to work alongside the brand’s new ‘Synergy Contract’ scheme, which was put in place to help the cash flow of the operator during the post-lockdown period, the ‘Synergy Grill Partnership Initiative’ rewards ‘partners’ who sign-up an operator to the new scheme. To put the financial reward of this scheme into perspective, for every Synergy contract they introduce, Synergy Grill Technology will pay the partner a finder’s fee which could be as much as £792 per grill. So just ten-unit sales a month, could earn the partner nearly £8,000 a month.

Another benefit of the scheme for partners, is that there is no overhead of buying equipment upfront to then sell on, you simply introduce the customer and get paid on results.

Justin Cadbury, Chairman and CEO of Synergy Grill explains:

“Over the past few weeks, we have been saddened to see so many friends in the industry and highly experienced, passionate and knowledgeable catering equipment experts being made redundant through no fault of their own. Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on our industry, and we must all look at ways to recover and help those affected. Hence, why we have developed the ‘Synergy Grill Partnership Initiative.

Over this period, many people have re-evaluated both their short and medium term ambitions, so to now have the opportunity be part of a team that focuses on new British technology which delivers huge customer benefits and environmental advantages may well be the perfect timing.

Synergy Grill Technology has never needed to hard sell due to the obvious benefits of the equipment. However, we do continually get told by frustrated operators that they have never heard of us, or did not realise the like no other benefits, that a Synergy grill can bring. Therefore, this initiative will not only hopefully help out those in need, but will also give Synergy Grill Technology a wider ambassadors on the ground.”

Richard Ebbs - Commercial and Marketing Director for Synergy Grill Technology explains how easy it is for individuals to get involved:

“Synergy is keen to support those in the industry facing redundancy with this new initiative. We have tried to design it so partners can use the scheme as much or as little as they like and as there is no notice period or specific sales targets, it is a flexible solution that partners can utilise until they find new employment.

We have set up new partner packs which contain everything that a potential partner will need in order to promote the deal including; leaflets, flyers, spec sheets, contact information, price-lists and our contract savings calculator which provides personalised saving calculations for their customer on the likes of gas etc. All potential partners need to do is get in touch!”

Operators that sign-up to the Synergy Contract scheme will receive a brand-new Synergy grill, pay nothing for installation, pay nothing for the removal of their old grill and do not even pay a deposit! And the good news doesn’t stop there… Synergy is also confident that the monthly contract amount will equate to less than the immediate cost savings that customers will gain in reduced gas usage, through upgrading from a standard chargrill – so their cashflow benefits from day one.

If you would like to discover more about the Synergy Partnership Initiative you are urged to email Synergy via re@synergygrill.com, or message Richard Ebbs directly via LinkedIn.

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