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Serve up barbecue this summer with Synergy Grill

When purchasing barbecue equipment, it’s valuable to know what the pros and cons are with the range of equipment that’s on offer and the Synergy Grill can be an excellent choice with many advantages.

Outdoor cooking is an easy and simple way to increase food revenue in summer, whether it’s a fine dining restaurant or casual pub dining.

When using a barbecue grill, many chefs and catering professionals are unable to decide whether gas is the most convenient, charcoal produces a better flavour or electric being the most reliable.

The Synergy Grill can offer all three along with stress-free, high-quality cooking without compromising on the food quality served.

The Synergy Grill uses fuel-injection air-gas technology for rapid heat up and combines it with natural ceramic stone meaning it never loses heat when compared to charcoal grills, which quickly lose heat and require regular restoration of coals.

A common disadvantage of using non-gas grills is that food can often shrink, the Synergy Grill not only halves the shrinkage but ensures the juice and natural fats from the food are absorbed and retained.

Because the oils and juices are misted back into the food this delivers a delicious, caramelised, authentic barbecue flavour with 100% combustion and without the burnt, bitter taste often found in grilled steaks, chicken, and burgers.

Our grills also provide healthier options due to excess fat being turned to dust thanks to the patented burner technology, which uses a low gas consumption yet still produces a high heat.

Unlike charcoal grills, the Synergy Grill is more reliable and has no thermocouples, which means little repair and maintenance call outs are needed.

With the Synergy Grill being able to atomise fats the grills do not require a fat tray allowing quick and easy cleaning, and ensuring outdoor cooking can be made simple and without the hassle.

Vegetarian options such as grilled halloumi and vegetable kebabs can also be cooked on the Synergy Grill as there is no cross-contamination, and our grills are the only ones to be accredited by the Vegetarian Society.

To find out more about the Synergy Grill or arrange a demo call us on 01480 811000 to speak to our team.


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