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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes the Synergy Grill different

A. It’s pioneering award-winning technology… By combining high power with low energy consumption, Synergy Grills enable you to prepare food faster at less than half the energy costs. The need for a fat tray is eliminated due to the fat atomising technology and best of all it creates tasty succulent food.

Q. What can I cook on a Synergy Grill

A. Pretty much everything… meat, chicken, vegetables, fruit and fish the list is endless and you can use the griddle plate for fine fish, scallops, bacon and eggs.

Q. Who uses a Synergy Grill?

A.  Synergy Grills are the trusted equipment for individual restaurants and hotels, large national chains and groups across the globe as well as being the prime cooking equipment of choice of Michelin star and top chefs.

Q. What does the Synergy Grill run on

A. Mains gas and LPG

Q. Can I buy accessories and spares for my Synergy Grill

A. Yes we have spare parts for all our Synergy Grill models that are available to buy direct from Synergy, our full list of parts can be found here

Q. How do I clean my Synergy Grill

A. Once the grill has cooled down all you need to do is vacuum out the dust. To find out more click here

Q. Can I use my Synergy Grill outside

A. Yes the Synergy is perfectly suited for outdoor cooking .

Q. What does the Synergy Grill sit on

A. Uniquely because of its cooler sides it can sit on a fridge such as an Adande, saving valuable space. It can be purchased with its own trolley, other unit, and is available as a suited or drop in unit.

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