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Synergy Grill Technology announces exclusive partnership with Garland®

Synergy Grill Technology has today revealed that they have signed an exclusive partnership with
Garland (a Welbilt Company) which will see the Cambridge-based brand’s award-winning, patented
technology become available in Garland’s new XHP Chargrills.

Exclusively available to the North and South American markets, the launch of the Garland XHP High
Performance Broiler truly marks the next step in Synergy Grill’s technologically driven direction and
allows U.S., Canadian and South American customers the chance to reap the many benefits of
Synergy’s pioneering technology such as zero fat disposal, 59% + energy savings and improved food

Synergy Grill has been considering expanding its partnerships abroad for some time now. However,
as news of the many sustainable and financial benefits of the Synergy brand began to spread on an
international scale, so has the demand for Synergy’s multi-patented technology. As Richard Ebbs,
Director of Commercial & Marketing at Synergy Grill Technology, who helped shape the deal,

“We were introduced to a number of U.S.-based companies through Doug Fryett from the
Fryett Consulting Group. Doug helped us form our approach to selling in America. We spent
considerable time, making sure that whoever we chose to partner with, shared our passion
for the product, our vision for the brand, and our values and culture. We had significant
interest from eight global companies; however, Welbilt® was a natural choice when it came
to deciding which supplier to work with, given their outstanding brand reputation and
history, not to mention the fact that they are one of the continent’s biggest suppliers of
prime cooking equipment.”

Lee Wichlacz, Senior Vice President, Welbilt Canada, who manages the corporation’s Garland,
Lincoln and Cleveland brands, shares in Richard’s passion for this partnership:

“We are excited to add Synergy Grill’s revolutionary technology to our world-renowned
Garland® brand. The technology’s many benefits—including significant energy savings, zero
fat disposal and improved food quality—are already showing great potential. Recently,
Welbilt’s new Garland XHP High Performance Broiler, with Synergy’s technology inside, won
a prestigious Kitchen Innovation (KI) award sponsored by the National Restaurant Show, the
largest foodservice show in North America. It was the only entry to receive a unanimous
vote from the judges.”

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