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Synergy is the grill of choice for World Steak Challenge

Logo World Steak ChallengeSynergy Grill Technology is delighted to have been chosen by the organisers of the World Steak Challenge for a 3rd consecutive year – a prestigious event which rewards the world’s best steak producers and suppliers.

As the Competition’s ‘grill of choice’, Synergy Grill Technology will play a pivotal role in the 2019 World Steak Challenge, allowing international steak producers and suppliers to retain the highest quality of their steaks during the ‘cooked’ stage of the judging process.

Criteria for the ‘cooked’ stage of the judging process includes the appearance, aroma, tenderness, flavour and succulence of each steak – aspects which Synergy Grill Technology are experts at executing as Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill Technology, explains:

“Synergy Grill’s innovative, patented technology allows chefs to deliver the very best food textures and tastes. This is achieved by Synergy’s unique process whereby fat molecules are atomised, meaning moisture penetrates back into the food to ensure a more succulent food product, as well as providing perfect char-marks, texture and taste. As such, World Steak Challenge entrants can guarantee that the quality of their beef will shine through to its full potential at the 2019 challenge thanks to the fact that it will be cooked on a Synergy Grill.”

Aidan Fortune, editor of Global Meat News, organisers of the World Steak Challenge, shares in the praise of Synergy Grill Technology, commenting:

“We are delighted to welcome Synergy Grill Technology back as an official supplier of the World Steak Challenge. With a record number of entries to prepare and cook for the expert judging panel, Synergy Grill is the perfect partner for the World Steak Challenge, offering a range of benefits and energy efficiencies, that allow our chefs to cook and present each steak to perfection.”

More than 30 experts will adjudicate this year’s event which is a platform to benchmark the quality of beef production against international competitors. The judging for the 2019 World Steak Challenge will take place on 9th July at the Fire Restaurant and Lounge, Dublin, with grills supplied by Synergy Grill Technology.

World Steak Challenge

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