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Can One Product Cut Labour Costs and Boost Careers?

Can one product cut labour costs and promote career lift to pub owners at no cost? 

A recent survey conducted by Synergy Grill found that on average, each pub and dining outlet that has installed a Synergy Grill - saves at least 40 minutes per day on cleaning thanks to an innovative and easy system and no fat tray to clean. That totals up 14 hours  (20 hrs… 360 days x 40mins /12months/60mins =20) of labour a month.

During a tough climate for the high-street and casual dining industry, Synergy Grill’s customers have recognised it’s now time for action to cut those unnecessary costs. Apathy or fear of the future won’t work!

So that’s cost savings… but how can Synergy Grill promote career uplift? Many pub and casual dining chefs have worked in the industry for years and reported to Synergy Grill in the survey that it is easy to become disillusioned with the tiresome need to scrub and clean a grill, and with chemical risks for years on end. Solution! Synergy Grill is proud to rid this task and promote a higher skill level at no cost to the pub owner. Cleaning time goes from 50 to 3 minutes (video on website)!

Iconic pubs and casual dining outlets throughout the UK are already using Synergy Grill, from TGI Fridays to Whitbread and SSP. So don’t delay and get beaten by the others.

With Brexit looming, there is also a key desire for hospitality products to be created in the UK, and all Synergy Grill products are designed, sourced and invented in the UK, they use no fat tray and reduce ventilation strain. Overall, they are developed to create better tasting, healthier foods with low energy usage, Synergy Grill helps save money and the planet. With money saved on energy, Synergy Grill products often pay for themselves within its first year – then the following years, you keep getting the extra money for nothing.

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