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Grilled Exmoor Beef Brisket


  • Place the water, salt, sugar, treacle, spices and saltpetre in a large pan and place over a medium heat, stirring until everything has dissolved into the liquid, remove from the heat and add the ale to cool the liquid down, then add the brisket. Cover and place in the fridge to brine for 7 days.
  • Place the brisket with the rest of the ingredients into a large pan bring to the boil then allow to simmer for approx 4 hours or until tender, leave to cool in the liquor, pass off the liquor and reduce to thick syrupy consistency and reserve for brushing the brisket. Press the brisket overnight.
  • Cook the carrots in carrot juice and butter emulsion, then season and cook on Synergy Grill.
  • Brush the glaze over the brisket portions, and grill the beef for a few minutes until heated through and slightly charred, then brush again generously with the remaining glaze

Serve with grilled carrots and black garlic ketchup.

Author Dez Turland PR & Marketing Chef Saunton Sands Hotel/Brend Hotels

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