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Charcoal vs Gas

Charcoal Vs Gas

The Charcoal Vs Gas grills debate is hotting up, but which one is better?

We have provided a quick and handy comparison chart to help you decide! 


Similar price but higher running costs 

Great for smoking food 

Higher temperatures than cheaper gas grills, good for searing meats 

Difficult to control the ideal temperature for cooking 

Loses heat quickly – will need to regularly replenish coal 

Slow to heat up – allow 1 hour 

Messy when cleaning 

Requires separate storage space of charcoal bags 

Regular maintenance and replacements 

Susceptible to increasing regulation due to dirtier smoke 


Lower running costs – significant with a fuel injection/modern/efficient grill.

More versatile cooking experience – multiple burners means a range of dishes cooked at the same time. Great for cooking food fast

Easy to maintain the temperature

Cheaper gas grills can give off an undesirable, subtle gas odour

Fuel injection gas grills conversely give 100% combustion, a healthier food product, maximum caramelisation with locked-in moisture and the lowest fire risk due to cleaner ventilation shafts

Quickly change the temperature to adapt to your cooking

Virtually instant to heat up – allow 5 minutes for the griddle heat up!

Easy to clean

Refill propane bottle when required


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