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We catch up with Zak’s Authentic American Diners

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As Zak’s Authentic American Diners celebrated the big Four-zero recently, we caught up with Chris Carr, Chief Operating Officer from Zak’s (UK) Ltd to find out how the celebrations went down.

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We had a big celebration event for our 40th anniversary. Synergy Grill leant us their demo unit with new HSI ignition for us to cook on for the day. We cooked 1,172 burgers in five hours. We calculated that’s an average of four burgers a minute. The queue was so long people were waiting   up to four hours, some of them even got caught in the rain but they were all happy and we raised almost £1000 for our charity Connects & Co!

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The grill was absolutely faultless all day, the HSI was very robust and with the energy savings it provides we didn’t even get through a small bottle of gas all day.

As for the cooking, we charred the burgers on the grill then transferred them to the griddle plate before serving in a toasted. The Synergy Grill certainly helps them to be extra juicy.

The chargrilled element of our burgers, steaks and ribs is what we are famous for and the Synergy Grill helps us deliver this flavour whilst locking in the taste. The new HSI ignition makes them even better as we need our grills to be bomb proof especially when you have a diner full of hungry people!


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