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Ribs & Burgers stop by Synergy HQ


Sunday Brunch was recently a topic of hot debate as we seethed with jealousy and disdain for Simon and Tim. Not just because they’re Simon and Tim but because they were sampling an entire table full of ribs and we were jealous. Very jealous. They were just sampling the usual pork ribs but lamb and beef too – all slathered in scrumptious looking sauce. ‘They get paid to do eat ribs’. I thought. ‘This is their life’.


Just a few weeks later we were standing in our newly refurbished demo kitchen. Our Marketing Manager’s face and hands were covered with rib sauce. It was in our new Sales Manager Carl’s beard, it was in our Ops Manager’s hair. It was even up the newly painted kitchen walls.

There’d been no accident or gas mishap, nor had we succumbed to a childish food fight or an argument. This is what happens when the boys from Ribs & Burgers, part of the Seagrass group, swing by to test out our Synergy Grills and bring a truck load of meat with them. It’s the sign of enjoying your food; really enjoying your food.


Gary Evans, our MD and inventor of the Synergy Grill was so excited, the only words he could muster at one point were, ‘Meat. Fire. Love. Arghhhhhhh.’

Despite having successful restaurants all over Australia and in the USA, they have ventured across the pond to open a new site in Teddington, London. And what lucky pommes we are they are they’ve brought their ribs to good Ol’ Blighty!

Eating them isn’t a dainty affair but we’re not precious and wowee these ribs are tasty! Pork, beef and lamb ribs put the grill to the test, some with dry rub, some with a sticky sauce made from a secret family recipe. It really was the sauciest of sauces.


With a contented smile on my face I realised we were living the Sunday Brunch dream. Then steaks came out, then the burgers. This was better than the Sunday Brunch dream.

Their philosophy that: “We believe honest food and genuine hospitality can help feed a better world. So muster up some mates, place your order, grab yourself a table, order a drink and relax while we prepare your food fresh to order.” Is an actualisation of the boys’ natural demeanour which combined with their secret family recipes simply must be the key to their success.

Here’s what George Stathakopoulos, Managing Director of Seagrass for the UK has to say about the Synergy Grill “The grill is the heart of our kitchen operations. It’s an integral component of our product and service offering that reflects: the graded premium selection of our butcher’s meat, the retention of the flavourful and natural juices during the grilling process, and; the expeditious delivery of tender, tasty meals that our customers deserve. This is precisely the reason why we have specified the Synergy grills for our casual dining restaurants.”


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