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Interview with Chef Chris Barratt at Galvin Hop

The venue is amazing – the perfect blend of old fashioned London and modern city slickers with a dash of steam punk thrown in creating a warm, industrial glamour that means no matter where your eyes rest, there’s always something captivating to look at.

For those that don’t already know, Galvin Hop is the flagship of the newly-formed Galvin Pub Group on Spital Square next door to La Chapelle. Galvin HOP is a Pub Deluxe where the freshest craft beer rubs shoulders with simple but innovative pub food of the highest quality in a relaxed and vibrant environment.

A soon as we met Chef Chris, his infectious enthusiasm for his job, the venue and (praise the lord!) his Synergy Grill was instantly visible and didn’t abate for our entire visit.

We learnt how the team make everything from scratch each day at Galvin Hop – even the crisps and the popcorn. It’s a these little touches and extra effort that give the venue deep rooted character for every one of the senses.

Here’s what he had to say about his commercial Synergy Grill:

“In the mornings it’s incredible. I come in, get Henry the Hoover out and give it a quick whip round. It takes me longer to get the hoover up and down the stairs than it does to clean the grill.”

“It’s interesting too because it doesn’t kick out phenomenal heat. You can have your hand over it and it’s not too hot.”

“I put the salmon on. We bar mark it both sides and it’s still completely raw so we rest it in a nice gentle warm spot and let it come through. It marks beautifully. Like I say, I’ve got nothing to do with these guys. It makes no odds to me if this grill works or not. Having used this I think it’s the nuts. I really, really, really do. There’s no reason for me to say this. It’s just really great.”

After a positive meeting, we had coffee, juicy chargrilled steak cooked on Galvin Hop’s Synergy Grill (naturally) and sampled Galvin’s Hop’s infamous hot dogs served with fresh Maille truffle mustard.

The ‘dogs’ lived up to their glowing reputation – devilishly tasty, somehow retaining that authentic hot-dog taste whilst ‘Michelin-Starred’ up to a transcendent new hot-doggy level. Don’t try to think about what that tastes like; it will break your mind… pop down to Galvin Hop and try one instead.



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