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Chef Cyrus Todiwala, OBE praises his Synergy Grill


From ‘chef of genius’ to ‘creator of the classiest curries in the City’. Cyrus Todiwala has been called all manner of good things. Despite these accolades, the Chef Patron of Cafe Spice Namaste, Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen, The Park Café in Victoria Park East and Assado still has his feet very much on the ground despite being awarded an MBE in 2000 and an OBE in 2009.

Cyrus opened Assado in March 2014. This bright and comfortable restaurant produces a variety of dishes from Indian street food to specialities inspired by Chef Cyrus Todiwala’s rich Parsee culinary heritage and long stint as an executive chef in Goa.


On Assado Chef Cyrus commented: “I want to introduce the people who live, work or pass through the Waterloo area to a new relationship with food on-the-go. People shouldn’t have to choose between eating in a hurry or eating good quality food – I am committed to both. Assado brings freedom and quality back to restaurants and gives people another way of dining that doesn’t mean compromise.”


And Mr Todiwala’s ‘no compromise’ grill of choice for Assado is a Synergy. Here’s what he had to say about his energy saving chargrill:

“Can you imagine cooking in a very physical environment? You can turn it off so the heat of the kitchen is reduced. You don’t have as much standing heat. What I like most is the cleanliness aspect. That for me is the biggest aspect of all.”

“The second aspect is ease of use. It’s very easy and less fussy. I don’t have to come in and start it first thing in the morning before service. You can start it, and then switch it off and start it and switch it off and start again. That means you save on everything – from heat to energy to everything else.”

“The other great thing is how quick it is because it’s really quick. We have done today 10 different things on it. You’re not wasting fuel. For me it ticks all the boxes.”


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