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Single burner gas grill

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Double burner gas grill

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Triple burner gas grill

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Integrated Shelving

Slow Cook & Resting Shelves

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Garnish Rails

Ideal for the use of oils and seasoning whilst grilling

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Griddle Plates

Ideal to adapt your chargrill into part griddle

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Mobile Tables

Designed specifically for your Synergy Grill

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Our Commercial Grills

Our commercial gas grill is constructed of stainless steel incorporating heavy duty cast iron cooking grids. Ideal for use within any commercial kitchen environment including restaurants, pubs, hotels, handmade burger restaurants, piri piri chicken restaurants or any venue where great chefs create great food.

An average gas saving of 59% & faster turnaround

The Synergy Grill is designed to use less gas whilst giving maximum heat therefore giving a quicker cover turnaround – precisely what chef proprietors are looking for in any piece of commercial kitchen equipment.

Ready to cook in 20 minutes

Synergy commercial gas grills and griddles are ready to cook in around 20 minutes and the multi-burner units have independent on/off switches which allow for modular cooking as individual burners switch off in quieter times.

No fat tray

No fat tray means just that. The Synergy gas grill atomises fat which means that fats from cooking food turn to dust. All other moisture is pushed back into the food. Chefs love the moister product the Synergy Grill produces – even chicken breasts and well done steaks retain succulence and texture.

Made in Britain

Synergy commercial gas grills are manufactured in Cambridgeshire using parts sourced only from UK suppliers. They are available in three sizes in either a grill, griddle or part grill/griddle configuration with optional accessories.

Great for basement kitchens

A Synergy Grill is a great choice for basement kitchens or those close to domestic housing. Less smoke coming out of the commercial kitchen reduces polluting the restaurant or neighbouring housing.

Reduced strain on ventilation systems

One of the main concerns of the commercial kitchen these days is the fire risk caused by fat trays. Conventional gas grills produce a black, oily smoke which clogs ventilation ductwork, risking kitchen fires and costing a fortune in professional cleaning costs. As the Synergy Grill atomises fats, the smoke produced from grilling food is pure white smoke which means there is less strain on kitchen ventilation systems meaning less cleaning and reduced costs.

Qualified by a ventilation specialist

Don’t just take our word for it… we worked with Kenn Tagg from Space Catering and a ventilation specialist to obtain the facts and figures below. Kenn says:

‘Basically we have identified along with our ventilation specialist, that the Synergy Grill burns less gas than most of the competition and this in turn means that the Ventilation requirement for the appliances reduces pro rata, to the extent that we have suggested to a major pub restaurant group that choosing the Synergy over the competition negates the need to modify the ventilation system, however when we tabled an alternative product which was burning 10kW more gas, we were advised that the ventilation fan needed to be increased in size as well as power (Single Phase to 3 Phase) and that the potential overall cost in retro fitting this chargrill added over £5K to the ventilation.’

‘The other benefit which yet another major group discovered revolved around the duct cleaning which has to be documented by the major players who enter into 3, 4 or 6 month cleans depending upon how busy the site is. This customer discovered on a busy trial site that historically got cleaned every 3 months, that when the duct cleaning contractor turned up, he was amazed at how clean the duct work was and even challenged the site as to whether another contractor had attended prior to their scheduled visit. This huge group now believe that at a minimum this will save one clean per year at £400 per visit. This is due to the greatly reduced heavy particulate that is exhausted from traditional chargrills compared to the fine particulate “dust” that comes of the Synergy unit.’


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