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Boyds Grill and Wine Bar, Trafalgar, London

We caught up with Chef Nate Brewster from the hottest secret in London town, Boyds Grill and Wine Bar, to find out how he’s getting on with his Synergy Grill.


Boyds Grill and Wine Bar is probably London’s best kept secret. And it’s a long-standing secret with a lot of history.

As part of a larger complex called Northumberland Avenue built as a 500-room grand hotel circa 1882. It traded as a hotel, with a brief interval during the Great War, until 1940, when it was requisitioned by the War Office. It has been occupied by the Crown ever since.

Even as you arrive, you barely notice it’s there with its unassuming logo casually placed on the side of a grand building, and that is all part of its charm. You feel like you’ve slipped into the past and walked into a hidden gem in one of the world’s busiest cities. That sense of wonderment is carried out in Boyds’ interior.

The first thing you notice is the décor. Jars upon jars of different old fashioned sweets line an entirely copper bar. There are so many, they’d make Willy Wonka proud.

Café style seating surrounds the sweetie counter, luxurious velvet sofas line the walls, bar stools casually surround a cocktail bar and low slung lights create an old fashioned sense of charm. Around the corner there’s even an upmarket dining area with table cloths, neatly folded napkins and silver cutlery – proper grown up dining.

CharlesBoyd_bwboyds-brasserie-bar-lounge (1)boyds-brasserie-bar-lounge

Charles Boyd the Owner of Boyds Grill and Wine Bar later informs us the bar is laid out so customers can choose the atmosphere they want when they feel like it. If they’re in the mood for casual coffee with a friend, they’ll relax in the café area. If they’re staying at the hotel and don’t feel comfortable dining in a formal setting on their own, they can opt to eat a steak at the bar. If they want to impress a date, they may want to choose the formal dining area or snuggle down into one of Boyd’s wing-backed armchairs.

The food

Boyds0216Food-18_referencetrenchmore70185Pre Theatre Duck Market Special

Waitors danced around tempting us with Wagyu beef from Trenchmore’s farm in Sussex, tandoori halloumi and macaroni cheese made with Wookey hole cheddar and BBQ sauce – double carbs and cheese – fantastic. The beef and the halloumi was cooked on our Synergy Grill and God damn it was tasty. Trenchmore Wagyu beef and a Synergy Grill sure are a match made in heaven.

For pudding we had ‘Dragon’s breath’, meringue with a puff of flavoured smoke encased inside. When we exhaled the flavoured smoke we did indeed make us feel like magical dragons.


After sampling lots of treats, we caught up with Chef Nate Brewster, a rising star in the culinary world who explained from a professional point of view why he’s a Synergy fan:

Nate-AlchemyLivesteak-restauranttrenchmore70211 1

“For me there are three USPs with the Synergy grill. The first one is from a chef’s point of view I’m looking for flavour. I want an authentic chargrill BBQ taste that retains its moisture.

As a manager I’m looking for a grill that’s easy to maintain, easy to clean and gets consistent results for our customers.

As an owner I’m looking to reduce my bottom line and Synergy Grill does that by cutting my gas bill in half.”

After a few glasses of Nyetimber English sparkling wine (which is amazing by the way) we felt our lives were complete so we decided to drift off into the night before falling into a food coma.

wines-mainboyds-brasserie-bar-lounge (2)

On the way out, I asked the sweetie jar bar tender (that’s his official job title, you understand) what all the old-fashioned sweets are for. He explained it’s an ice cream bar where they’ll magic anything you want into ice cream with dry ice.

Willy Wonka would most definitely be proud.




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