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The Residence Restaurant & Bar, Nantwich, Cheshire

New menu developed around Synergy Grill

Already an exciting dining experience, The Residence has recently purchased a new Synergy 900 Grill. The decision has encouraged the restaurant to develop an extended menu built around the huge benefits of their new grill.

“We would have no hesitation in recommending the Synergy Grill to other establishments – basically it does what it says. It saves us money and cooks a much superior product – our diners have certainly noticed the difference as has our bank account!”

The Synergy Grill not only utilises around half the gas of all other commercial gas grills on the market, it does this with no loss of power. In fact, the more you load it, the harder it works, easily cooking 84 x 8oz steaks in an hour. Managing Director Ben Rafferty says: ‘I have noticed the huge cut in my gas bills from starting to cook using the Synergy Grill. With gas bills due to increase even further it is already making a massive difference to our costs as an organisation’.

In the kitchen the Synergy Grill is truly coming into its own. Because of the innovative built in technology the grill does not have a fat tray. Basically any fat from cooking food is turned to dust and the moisture is pushed back up into the food. This produces a moister, more succulent product  – even well done steaks are noticeably more tender and moist. With any other commercial grill currently available on the market, the fat from food drips down into a fat tray drying out the food and making the cleaning of the grill a mammoth task. All the Synergy Grill requires, however, is a daily hoover out of the dust from service the night before – and you’re ready to go!

‘It makes a massive difference to the time and cost taken to clean the grill. We don’t need to buy any cleaning chemicals and the cleaning labour time is minuscule in comparison to our past restaurant grills,’ says Head Chef Matthew Piggott.

‘We can also cook all types of food at the same time because as there is no fat tray there is absolutely no flavour cross contamination – so we can cook fish, meat and vegetables together if required! Add to that the quick heat up (it’s ready in about 15 minutes), adjustable heat control and cool touch sides…. it’s a true all-rounder and working for us in every way.’

‘Over the last few weeks we have been doing lots of menu development. We have worked closely with our local suppliers and especially our Butcher to extend the ‘Grill’ section of our new menu and invest heavily on a superb new Synergy Grill. The results are fantastic and our dishes offer a greater choice of delicious cuts of fine welsh black beef as well as a great range of seafood and other main courses. Our new ‘Brochettes’ provide a fun dining experience as well as superb value. We are now making our own breads, and have improved our pastry section so desserts are even tastier, our Afternoon Teas are simply divine and – of course – they are all made in-house. Come and try us for yourself!’

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