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The Abbotsley Golf Club & Hotel, St Neots

Improved taste thanks to the Synergy Grill

The Abbotsley Golf Hotel is a charming traditional retreat situated in the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside. On site are two challenging 18 hole golf courses, a driving range, Health and Fitness Club, an AA 3-star rated ‘Dog Welcome’ hotel with 42 comfortable rooms, three bars, lounge areas and an excellent restaurant. Like most businesses these days Abbotsley Golf Hotel are constantly looking to create new and interesting social events and services to attract more visitors – and that’s where Synergy has come in useful.

Each year Abbotsley puts aside a budget for new kitchen equipment. They were using an old Salamander commercial grill prior to our visit to their premises but as soon as the Synergy Grill Account Manager mentioned the huge cost savings on gas Helen Lavis, General Manager, started looking into the product and benefits of the Synergy Grill. She realised pretty quickly that the Synergy Grill provides so many benefits compared to other commercial gas grills on the market. ‘The gas savings were the main trigger to start looking into the Synergy Grill, I am constantly looking to cut costs in our business and this was enough to make me seriously look at this product’ says Helen.

“Now that I have purchased one of these restaurant grills, I am saving on average £200 per month which is amazing in this world where prices are just going up and up. I also have a very happy chef as the grill is easy to light and so easy to clean”.

‘It cooks quicker which means that I’ve had to change my timings from starter to main course but once I got used to it, it means that I can cook more meals in the same time frame as I had before.’ says Richard Bye, Head Chef. ‘Basically everything I cooked before tastes better and we have been able to introduce some new cuts of steak as before purchasing the Synergy Grill steaks were a bit hit and miss – but now, the branding, texture and taste are perfect. The concept is great and it basically does all that it says it can!’

Abbotsley Golf Hotel have two Synergy Grills, one in the kitchen and one in a specially erected Outdoor Cooking Centre. Helen says: ‘This area has been amazing as we’ve been able to organise lots of new outdoor events, including ‘Dress Down Sunday’ where the focus is on BBQ food and a relaxed atmosphere, smaller wedding parties, Prom Night parties, a Bermuda Reunion—a BBQ theme night complete with piano player and a ‘Dog Friendly’ golf competition where grilled sausages are served on arrival— aimed particularly to our four legged friends!’

Golf short breaks are offered which include one nights BBQ in the evening and a wonderful easy, aromatic breakfast upon waking.

Lastly, Helen says: ‘All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better commercial grill to produce better food at a much lower cost and an after care service second to none.’

Look out for the Synergy Grill golf team joining forces with Abbotsley Golf Hotel sometime soon!


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