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Gourmet Chicken Company, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Harry Patel set up Gourmet Chicken Company two years ago after successfully running a staff restaurant. He found that his unique flavoured chicken was always top of the list for the visiting diners when it was on the menu and this prompted him to think about setting up his own restaurant.

Based on a small site in Maidenhead, Gourmet Chicken Company was born. For his first restaurant, Harry originally purchased a revolving spit roast chargrill which used the standard gas chargrill configuration of holes drilled in metal pipes which made up the four burners. Unfortunately the holes did not have hoods and therefore congealed fat would block them every service resulting in a major cleaning operation every morning. The holes needed to be unblocked using all sorts of chemicals and ‘pins’ to perform the cleaning operation. This would take at least two hours each day and actually made the additional cleaning of the fat tray seem like a walk in the park compared to this laborious daily routine. Not only did the grill need intense cleaning, it was often only operating on three or even two of the four burners during a busy service. All this for a grill which cost £4,000 and which is now residing in Harry’s garage after less than a years use.

He first looked at the Synergy Grill at The Takeaway Expo show in 2013. After the problems with the above grill, the first thing that really attracted Harry to the Synergy Grill was the ease of cleaning. Unbelievably the Synergy Grill cleaning regime takes five minutes each morning with a quick hoover out of atomised fat (dust to you and me) and a wipe of the flame detector igniter (Synergy does not have a fat tray and therefore even that job was dispensed with) – literally couldn’t be simpler! The second attraction was the gas saving which even though he didn’t quantify the gas usage of his original chargrill, it was definitely heavy on gas and low on power which is the complete opposite to Synergy. Basically Synergy ticked all of Harry’s boxes!

His secret chicken recipe involves pre-cooking of the chicken and finishing off on the Synergy Grill to give it that real chargrilled taste and branding. You just have to look on Trip Advisor and everyone raves about the restaurant and the taste of the chicken – No 1 restaurant in Maidenhead no less!

He has literally just moved premises to a site which is three times bigger than his first, seating more people in a far larger space which has led to a more relaxed dining environment. “Creating more space for diners along with continuing to provide amazing food has increased our lunchtime trade by over 30% and doubled our evening trade” Harry says “and we have just bought a new smaller Synergy Grill to work alongside the 900mm version we already have to cope with this increase in business. We are thinking of using the smaller grill for the wraps, vegetables and haloumi and continuing with chargrilling our chicken on our Synergy SG900”.

Harry is building up a really big loyal customer base which is increasing every day through word of mouth, social media, Trip Advisor and people walking past. Harry says that people like to see a busy restaurant and it encourages them to also choose Gourmet Chicken. He is looking to expand his business further in future by opening separate sites in larger local cities.

Here at Synergy Grill we love a success story and are very proud to be Harry’s grill of choice in his growing business.


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